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6 Immediate Next Steps to Take After Your House Was Broken Into

Published October 13th, 2023 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

6 Immediate Next Steps to Take After Your House Was Broken Into

You're climbing out of your car after a long day at work when you notice it: your front door is ajar. You're sure you closed and locked it when you left. A closer inspection reveals shattered glass, a broken door hinge, or even a busted lock.

Your heart starts pounding. What do you do?

If your house was broken into, the next steps you take are crucial, and time is of the essence. Your instinct might be to panic, but avoid the urge! Here's what to do the second you notice a break-in.

1. Leave the House

If you've stepped inside before realizing that the break-in happened, get out as fast as you can. Most burglars will bolt the second they hear your approach, but they might hide if they can't flee without being noticed. A hidden intruder is a huge threat to your safety.

2. Tell the Police Your House Was Broken Into

Once you're outside, call the police and inform them of a break-in and possible theft. Wait in a safe place, like your locked car or with a neighbor, until they arrive.

3. Take Inventory of Lost Items

Once the police deem it safe, return to your home and take inventory of any missing belongings. This is easier if you already have a running home inventory.

Before you start moving things around, take pictures as evidence of damage or lost goods. Police photos might not get shared with you, and your photos can serve as helpful documentation later.

Try to figure out what you've lost. Document these items along with a description, photos, receipts, or approximate values. Don't throw out broken items, as your insurance company may need to see them.

4. Contact Your Insurance Company

Report the missing belongings to your insurance company to file a claim. You'll often have to do this within 24 hours, providing a copy of the police report once it's available. Send over your inventory as well, and be prepared to work with their claims adjuster.

5. Dig for Information

If you have smart home security cameras, you may have footage of the break-in. Check this footage and share it with the police and your insurance company.

If you don't have cameras, check to see if any of your neighbors have cameras that have documented suspicious activity. You should also see if anyone in the neighborhood has noticed unfamiliar people or cars around your house.

6. Upgrade Your Home Security

Take a look at your home's weaknesses, fix any broken entry points, and consider getting better home security. Burglary alarms, motion detectors, security lights, and similar devices make it easy for you to guard against intruders.

Let Us Secure Your Home

Sorting through the damage after your house was broken into can be scary and frustrating. However, contacting the authorities and sticking to the steps above can help you cover your bases and get back to normal faster.

While nothing can guarantee total safety, an intrusion alarm is a smart way to protect your home and the people you love. To get the peace of mind that comes with better security, contact Secure IT Securities Corp.

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