• 24 Hour Emergency Service


Ensure the safety of your property with our comprehensive fire alarm services:

  • Fire Alarm System Design: Tailored solutions for your unique needs
  • Fire Alarm Test & Inspections: Regular checks to maintain optimal functionality
  • Fire Alarm Service & Installations: Expert Installations and reliable service
  • 25/8 Professional Monitoring: We give you one more hour and one more day

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Optimize your surveillance with our advanced security camera solution:

  • 4K Resolution IP Cameras: Crystal clear video quality
  • NDAA Compliant NVRs: Government compliant systems
  • Network Storage and Archivers: Secured data storage solution
  • Remote Mobile or PC, MAC Connection: Monitor your property from anywhere

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Manage and enhance your security with our access control system

  • Configure and Manage Multiple-Site Panels and Readers: Tailored access permissions
  • Security Integration with CCTV and Intrusion Systems: Comprehensive security solution
  • Manage Users and Credentials: Control and Monitor User Access
  • Designed for Small to Mid Sized, Single to Mix Used: Scalable solutions for various needs

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Integrate smart home features for enhanced convenience and security:

  • Smart Lighting: Control your light remotely for added security
  • Smart Thermostats: Mange your home climate and energy efficiency
  • Smart Locks: Secure your home with advanced locking systems
  • Smart Home Integration: Seamlessly connect and control your home

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25/8 Digital Alarm and Video Monitoring

  • Ensure Consistent Security: Live agents, morning, noon, night, and over night
  • Peace Of Mind: Your property is safe at all times
  • Alert Messaging: Receive real time alerts to your mobile phone
  • Client Portal: All access client portal to take full control over your system

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