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A Guide to the Different Types of Access Control Systems

Published June 16th, 2023 by Secure IT Securities Corp

A Guide to the Different Types of Access Control Systems

Learning how to lock down your commercial building and keep out intruders has always been an important part of running a business. We're well beyond the rudimentary methods for doing this, and companies are looking into more sophisticated forms of technology to do this. 

Global access control will soon reach nearly $15 billion as an industry. These systems will show you the different ways to protect your building in a meaningful way. 

Here are some of the different types of access control systems that you can look into for your place of business. 

Role-Based Access Control

There are also plenty of role-based access control systems that you can look into. It's a type of system that picks and chooses the level of access control based on the role that the person fills in the business. 

For example, the upper management will have one level of access control while entry-level employees will be put under more restrictions. You can establish these roles in the software and can change them as needed. It offers you plenty of flexibility while personalizing the access control settings. 

Risk-Based Access Control

This form of access control takes risk into account first and foremost. The system assesses risk profiles and asks accordingly based on the current level of risk presented. 

These systems can help you with issues like burglaries and theft. With some of these systems, a user will be given a profile to log in, at which point their risk level will be assessed. These risks change based on where and how a person logs in, the nature of their activity, and other points of information. 

Mandatory Access Control

Mandatory access control technology has a sole owner or a group of owners that has autonomy over the access control. End-users are not able to tweak settings or have a say in how access control is mitigated. 

This is a more heavy-handed form of access control that keeps people out who don't belong. 

Discretionary Access Control

This is a less restrictive access control system that you can include when you'd like more flexibility. The end-user is able to control their settings and will have far more control over how the system works. 

When you use this type of system, you can also incorporate different types of security and monitoring to go along with it. This might include technology like video surveillance that can help you compile evidence and keep an eye on your property. 

These Types of Access Control Systems Can Protect Your Company

These examples explain the different types of access control systems that you need to understand if you're trying to install them in your place of business. Your business relies on these systems, so do your best to find the right type for you. 

We're the company that you need to turn to when you're interested in exploring your security options. 

Secure IT Securities can help you with any type of access control that you're looking into. Take some time to leave us a message or give us a call at (845)-445-6446.

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