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Are You a Potential Target for Home Invasion?

Published September 7th, 2022 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

Are You a Potential Target for Home Invasion?

Approximately 1.1 million burglaries occurred in 2019, and homeowners can never predict when or if it will happen to them.

Assessing your home's risk for an invasion is a great way to be proactive with your home's safety. So, what is your risk of a home invasion occurring at your place?

You can determine the answer to this by learning the risk factors. Additionally, you can take steps to decrease the risks. Keep reading to learn more about your home's risk level for an invasion.

Too Dark at Night

When criminals look for homes to target, they prefer darkness. That's why most crimes occur during the night. Of course, there is a big difference between a burglary vs. home invasion, but both are destructive and scary.

A burglary occurs when you're not home, while an invasion happens when you're home. You can decrease your risks by keeping exterior lights on at night.

Open Windows

A home burglary might be more likely to occur at your home if you leave your windows open. Criminals know what to look for, and open windows are attractive to them. 

An open window makes it easy for a person to enter your home. Therefore, you should close your windows and lock them to decrease your risks. 

Failing to Get Mail or Newspapers

Home invaders often watch homes before breaking into them, and one thing they notice is stacked-up mail or newspapers.

If you don't get your mail or newspapers, they will stack up. Stacked-up newspapers and mail tell criminals that you're out of town. 

If you don't get your mail daily, you should start. You might also want to have a friend or relative get your mail and newspapers daily if you're going on vacation. 

Strange Cars or People in Your Neighborhood

Your home might also be at risk for an invasion or burglary if you see strange cars canvassing your community. You might also note people walking around your neighborhood.

If you see these things, it might be people looking for homes to burglarize. You might want to report these things to your neighbors and the police. 

No Security Cameras

Many homes today have home security systems. These systems make criminals think twice about entering a home. Your home might have a higher risk of an invasion if you don't have security cameras. 

Therefore, installing a security system is one of the best steps to take when protecting your home from criminals. You can choose from many types of security cameras and systems for home protection. 

Many of these systems let you check your home while you're gone. 

Decrease Your Risk of a Home Invasion

You can decrease your risk of a home invasion by taking the right steps. A great place to start is by following these tips. Additionally, you can contact a security company for help.

Contact us at Secure IT Securities to make your home safer. We offer security systems and can help you choose the right options. 

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