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Employee Safety: Planning an Airtight Access Control System for Work

Published February 10th, 2023 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Employee Safety: Planning an Airtight Access Control System for Work

Around 34% of annual burglaries target small businesses. Stop theft at your workplace and keep your employees safer with an airtight access control system for workplaces.

With a security system in place, your employees will be more productive. Plus, your company can cut operational costs. You'll never have to worry about lost work keys or lock rekeying again when you use controlled access systems.

But what should you consider when shopping for these systems? We are guiding you through the process in this post. Keep reading to learn more.

Consider Types of Access Control Systems

There are dozens of access control system technologies out there. The most popular choices for businesses are proximity, key fob, and biometric systems. Learn more about each of them next.

Proximity Access Control Systems

Proximity access control systems work well with ID badges. All your employees have to do is walk by the proximity sensor to disable the system. These systems are ideal for doorways and drive-through gates.

At Secure It Securities, were prefer these types of access control systems. They offer the best value access systems for businesses. Plus, our HID IClass Reader platform can grow affordably as your company expands.

Key Fob Access Control Systems

Key fob access control is the system you and your employees are likely most familiar with. You and your employees get a chipped key fob. Hold the key fob to the sensor to disable the system.

This type of system is best for businesses on a budget. The downside to these systems is that key fobs are easy to lose, presenting the same problems as traditional lock-and-key mechanisms.

Biometric Access Control Systems

Biometric access control is the latest technology to come out in the space. These futuristic systems allow you and your employees to use facial, fingerprint, or retinal recognition to disable the system.

These systems are as airtight as you can get, but if you want one, you will have to pay top dollar. These systems cost an average of $5,000 per door you want to secure. The cost increases the more workers your business employs.

Should You Hire a Professional for Access Control System Installation?

Once you've found the access control system that is right for your business' needs, you may be tempted to install it yourself. However, we always recommend using a professional installation service like Secure It Securities.

Even the best commercial access control systems can break down from improper or poor installation techniques. Hiring a trusted professional can increase the lifetime of your system and better protect your workplace.

If you worry about cost, remember that you can always start small. We make it easy and affordable to add new devices to your access control platform as your budget and workforce grow.

Let Secure It Securities Safeguard Your Business

Choosing the right system for access control is all well and good. But if you don't get it professionally installed, you could lose money and put lives at risk.

Are you searching for trusted access control systems and installation services? Secure It Securities is here for you. Contact us for a free estimate today!

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