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Fire Alarm System Installation: An Overview for Homeowners

Published March 29th, 2023 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

Fire Alarm System Installation: An Overview for Homeowners

358,500 home fires occur in American homes each year. A home fire happens roughly every 87 seconds in residential spaces. Even scarier is that approximately seven people die daily from a home fire.

While a fire alarm system in the home can't stop a fire from occurring, it can prevent excessive damage and save lives simultaneously. 

So, what should residential spaces have as part of their fire alarm system, and how is that system installed? 

Read on to learn more about fire alarm system installation for your residential space. 

Fire Alarm Installation

As you know, it's essential to have smoke alarms in your home. But it isn't enough to actually have smoke alarms there. They need to be correctly installed and working properly.

Because of the increase in synthetic materials in the home, fire can spread very quickly in a residential space. If you're considering a fire alarm installation, having enough fire alarms to protect your entire home is important. 

When you have smoke alarms placed correctly and enough of them, you increase your warning to escape if there is a fire in your home. If you are seeking professional assistance for fire alarm installation, one of the first things to do is to evaluate your needs. 

Where will you need the fire alarm installed? How many will you need?

Installing Smoke Alarms in Your Home

As you navigate the fire alarm system installation process, there are a few important things to know about smoke alarm installation. 

Of course, when you work with a professional fire safety company, you should expect they're using the best equipment. You want your smoke alarms to be recognized by a testing laboratory. 

You should have smoke alarms inside every bedroom in your home and outside the sleeping areas of your home. You also want to ensure that there are smoke alarms installed on each level of your home.

If you have a floor in your home that doesn't have bedrooms, include a smoke alarm in the living areas and near stairways. Having smoke alarms in your kitchen is also a must. You want them high on the walls or ceilings near cooking appliances. 

Don't forget to include your basement in the installation plan. You want a smoke alarm at the bottom of the stairway that takes you to the next level of the home. 

If your home has any vaulted or pitched ceilings, the smoke alarm should not be at the peak, but instead several feet from the peak. 

Benefits of Professional Fire Alarm System Installation Services

There are many benefits to a professionally installed fire alarm system. 

A professional knows the rules for the placement of your fire alarm system. They have the needed experience to ensure the system is installed correctly and tested for functionality.

They will know the best equipment to install in your home to keep you safe. 

Get the Safety Solutions You Need for Home

Fire alarm system installation matters to help keep you and your family safe. When you use a professional, you know the system is installed correctly and working well. 

Do you want to make sure your home is safe from fire and will give you the necessary warnings to get out if there's a fire? We can help you achieve that goal. Contact us for a free estimate for a fire installation system. 

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