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Qolsys IQ Wi-Fi 6, a Smarter Wi-Fi Purpose-Built for Security Professionals

  • Alarm.com Integration means you can offer remote support for your clients from anywhere through the ADC app or website portal. No more unnecessary truck rolls just to fix a simple networking issue!
  • Seamless IQ Panel integration means your clients can easily manage their home Wi-Fi from the same portal that they control their entire smart home and security system. They can also manage from their end-user Alarm.com application.
  • Designed for speed and coverage with support for Gigabit speeds, 1500 sq ft coverage, and meshable with up to 8 devices on one network.
  • Easy installation makes setup easy and streamlined through the IQ Panel screen or the ADC app.
  • 3 Wi-Fi partitions separates your client's network into three partitions: home, guest, and security. This means your client can adjust the settings of their own home network without messing up any security or smart home-related devices.
  • Independent or parallel networks gives you the flexibility to replace your client's current network completely or to leave everything in place.
  • Convenient end-user features integrated into the IQ Panel and ADC app include: a network map, speed test, QR code for quick guest Wi-Fi access, and the ability to adjust settings based on custom profiles for different devices (great for parental controls, for instance)

Price: $245.88

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