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3 Important Features You Need on Commercial Smoke Detectors

Published October 20th, 2023 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

3 Important Features You Need on Commercial Smoke Detectors

Many people build an entire life around their business. The income generated from business sustains your personal life. It also provides a social structure that is the basis of many personal relationships.

A fire can destroy all of this in a few moments. Did you know that more than 3,300 office fires are reported yearly? These fires caused property damage, injury, and loss of life.

The good news is that commercial fires are avoidable. Commercial smoke detectors are an effective tool in limiting the negative effects of a fire.

Read on to learn about three important features you need in commercial fire alarms. Explore topics such as the best commercial fire detection capability and other fire safety tips.

1. Remote Monitoring

Detecting a fire is just the first step in the battle. The next step is activating fire control measures and alerting first responders.

Remote monitoring allows for 24/7 protection of your commercial building. A professional team monitors your business for any signs of fire. They will alert the local fire department and police if a fire breaks loose.

2. Continuous Self-Diagnostics

What good is a commercial smoke detector if it does not work during an emergency? The best smoke detectors have built-in self-diagnostics capability.

This means that the device is monitoring its own performance to ensure it is working properly. If the smoke detector falls out of compliance, it will alert the user that maintenance is necessary.

The end result is a more reliable smoke detector with a longer service life. Units with self-diagnostics are less likely to experience a system failure, saving your business money on replacement costs.

3. Advanced Sensors

The best smoke detectors have advanced sensors to quickly detect smoke. At the same time, they also can sense non-smoke particles to differentiate them from a potential threat.

This works as the smoke detector collects data from multiple optical sensors. It converts analog data into digital signals. Then, it utilizes multiple detection angles along with dual optical wavelengths to determine if the particles are a threat.

Particle data is analyzed to see if there are signal patterns consistent with a non-threatening source. The end result is a reduction in unwanted or false alarms.

Other Fire Safety Technology

Smoke detection is just one key component of a fire prevention system. Fire alarms alert employees and customers to evacuate the building.

You will want to install a fire alarm control panel to manage the overall system. Elite-level safety plans include fire doors that automatically close upon detection of a fire.

The goal is to slow or contain the fire's spread and minimize potential damage. Buying time for the local fire department to arrive can make a big difference.

Your Guide to Commercial Smoke Detectors

A business fire can carry heavy financial and human losses. Local fire regulations require that your business install equipment to prevent fires as best as possible.

It all starts with commercial fire detection, which in turn relies on quality smoke detectors. If you want to install state-of-the-art commercial smoke detectors, contact us at Secure IT Securities Corp. to speak with an experienced professional.

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