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5 Tips on Where to Install Home Security Cameras

Published October 7th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Eighty-one percent of burglars enter through the first floor. Keep your home safe from theft by making your home less attractive to burglars. 

Security cameras are an easy way to keep your home safe. Home safety does not have to be complicated. Let us help you decide where to place home security cameras to keep your family safe.

Here are the best locations to place home security cameras:

1. Front Door

Thirty-four percent of burglars enter through the front door! Securing the front door area is a must.

There are peephole cameras that allow you to track who is coming to your front door. Installing a camera outdoors on the second level is also a great option. 

Outdoor placement lets you monitor the front door from a secure location. Ensure your camera is high enough to prevent tampering.

2. Back or Side Door

Out-of-sight doors allow thieves to enter without detection. Install home security cameras at all entrances and entryways that are out of your eye line. 

If you use these doors often, it is essential to install a camera there on the interior. These spots are highly vulnerable to break-ins.

Make sure your back or side doors have security cameras connected to an alarm system!

3. Off-Street Windows

Off-street windows are vulnerable to break-ins because they offer thief privacy from the main road. This privacy allows the burglar to sneak in without detection.

Plan to install a home security camera on the exterior above the window or the interior facing the window.

Make sure the windows are extra-secure to prevent anyone from breaking-in easily.

4. Garage, Yard, & Driveway

Whether or not the garage is attached to the house, putting security cameras in garages allows you to ensure your property is secured. Installing cameras outside will let you see who is entering your garage.

Placing a security camera over your yard or driveway allows you to catch a burglar entering your property. Install a camera over your yard or driveway on your home's exterior. Make sure you have enough light on the driveway to ensure the camera will get good footage.

5. Main Stairway or Hallway

The main stairway or hallway is a good location for security cameras as it leads to the rest of your home. The burglar will not be undetected as they move through your home. 

These areas lead to various entry points where valuables may be stored, such as the living room, the master bedroom, or the home office.

Cameras in these high trafficked areas help deter a burglar from stealing any of your things.

Great Tips for Home Security Cameras

Now you know the best areas to place home security cameras, here are some other great tips:

Install a safety camera in a good location for maximum benefit. Position the camera eight to ten feet high, ensure the area is well lit, and put the camera in a corner to have a wide-angle view. 

Secure your cameras so that they cannot be tampered with and are not vulnerable to different weather events. Light the property well to help the cameras capture any information like faces or license plates. 

Finally, make sure you have reliable camera equipment. Battery-operated outdoor cameras are reliable and start recording when they detect movement. 

Excellent security camera features and positioning are equally important. For more information about home security and safety, visit the SIS Blog!

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