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5 Ways You Save Money When Installing a Business Security System

Published August 19th, 2022 by Secure IT Securities Corp

5 Ways You Save Money When Installing a Business Security System

In February 2022, CNBC reported on a survey that showed that 54% of surveyed businesses saw an increase in shoplifting. Some companies reported facing the problem on a weekly basis!

The rise in theft has affected businesses across several industries. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent this. Companies can adopt business security systems to reduce theft and protect their businesses. 

A security system does more than protect your company from thefts. In fact, the best security systems can save money in several ways. 

What are some of these ways? If that's what you're wondering, you're in luck! Discover five ways that a monitored security system can save you money when you read this guide.

1. Catch Shoplifters With Security Systems for Business

One reason people install business security systems is to catch shoplifters. In 2020, Business Insider reported that retailers faced a $62 billion shoplifting problem. 

This issue takes a financial toll on every company it affects. Fortunately, you can reclaim this money through business security systems' benefits. These systems allow you to record a criminal in the act and use that as evidence to find and prosecute the offender. 

Security systems can also deter shoplifters from stealing. An increased risk of getting caught causes many criminals to hesitate before committing crimes.

2. Deter Dishonest Workers

Most employees come to work hoping to make a living. However, some people aim to profit through dishonest means. 

Several stores have dealt with employees who steal their products for a profit. Once again, a security system can help you deter these employees. It can also provide hard evidence to prosecute the employee if necessary.

3. Avoid Wrongful Worker's Comp Claims

Have you ever faced a worker's comp claim? If so, you know that these cases can cost thousands of dollars. Using network surveillance can improve workplace safety and help you navigate a worker's comp claim.

One challenge of workers' comp claims is determining how the employee became injured. Cameras can help you discern what happened and how much your company owes an employee. You may discover that the footage does not match what your employee claims.

4. Avoid Fraudulent Liability Claims

Businesses do their best to provide customers with a positive experience. Unfortunately, many customers take advantage of this by making fraudulent liability claims. 

A famous example of this occurred when a Las Vegas woman claimed that Wendy's served her chili that included a human finger. The claim turned out to be a scam, but it took a strenuous investigation to determine this.

A security system could have prevented this. Footage from the kitchen would prove that nobody placed a severed finger in this food. 

5. Improve Operational Efficiency with Business Security Systems

Finally, business security systems can make your company more efficient. You can link your camera feeds to a single monitoring device and oversee how your operation runs. 

This gives you a bird's eye view of your everyday routines. Observing these systems can help you spot problems and improve them. In doing so, your business can become more efficient.

Find the Business Security Systems You Need

As you can see, business security systems provide several advantages for companies. They can deter crime, enhance efficiency, and improve accountability. 

All that's left is to find the best security system for your company. To that end, start your search by checking out our products!

We offer several security services for businesses, including 24/7 professional monitoring and security cameras. Find the services you need today!

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