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7 Questions to Ask Your Home Security Alarm Company Before Hiring Them

Published March 6th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

7 Questions to Ask Your Home Security Alarm Company Before Hiring Them

Americans lost a total of $16.4 billion during property crimes in 2018, according to the FBI's 2018 report.

More people are turning to home security alarms than ever before to protect their homes. Their efforts paid off. The FBI says burglaries dropped 11.9 percent from the year before.

Before you contact an alarm company to install a system in your home or apartment, do a little research. Reach out to the company first and ask them a few important questions.

Not sure what questions you should ask the alarm company? Here are a few suggestions to get you started.

1. Does the Company Require a Contract?

Consider these important questions before signing a contract with an alarm company:

  • How many years does the contract cover?
  • When will the contract automatically renew?
  • Do you need to meet with the company again to renew the contract?
  • Will there be any fees if you cancel the contract early?

2. Will There Be Any Extra Charges?

Adding extra equipment like smart locks to your alarm system will add to the price.

When discussing the price with the alarm company, make sure to ask about:

  • Equipment costs
  • Installation fees
  • Cloud storage fees
  • 24/7 monitoring fees

3. Is the Service Transferable?

Planning to buy a new home before your contract is up? You need to make sure the alarm company is willing to let you move the system.

Don't forget to ask if you can keep the current terms of your contract.

Some companies don't allow transfers and may charge a cancellation fee.

4. Does the System Work If the Power Goes Out?

Battery backups keep your system running if a storm or accident knocks out the power.

If a burglar cuts the power, the backup battery will make sure your alarm system is still active.

5. How Often Should the Alarm System Be Tested?

Routine tests of the entire alarm system ensure your equipment works as it should. The US Fire Administration suggests conducting monthly tests of the fire alarm

Run extra tests on the alarm equipment after a visit from a technician. If there is any change to your internet service, test the system to make sure it still connects to the alarm company.

6. Does the Company Have a License?

Many states require alarm companies to carry a license to install security systems. Do not trust an alarm company that will not show you their license.

7. Is There a Warranty on the Equipment?

Alarm equipment, such as the alarm panel, can cost over $200 to replace. A warranty would cut back on your out-of-pocket expenses for repairs.

Be Prepared Before You Hire an Alarm Company

The AIREF says security alarms are one of the first things burglars look for before breaking into a home. 

Let the experts at Secure IT Securities Corp. help you protect your home by installing a state of the art home security system. Our experts will custom-design a system to fit your needs.

We offer services including 24-hour monitoring, CCTV systems, and fire alarms. 

Contact us today if you have any questions or to receive a free estimate.

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