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Business Security: The Benefits of a CCTV System

Published September 30th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

These days, video surveillance is a somewhat controversial topic. Still, it's hard to deny the benefits a CCTV system can provide to most businesses.

First, what is CCTV and how does it work? In short, CCTV is one of the best and most common forms of surveillance available today. You can place cameras at almost any location without modifying your infrastructure to do it.

On top of that, CCTV cameras are cost-effective and easy to maintain. Here are 4 key reasons why they'd make a great addition to most businesses.

Theft Prevention

Installing a CCTV system is a great way to stop serious crimes such as break-ins and vandalism. If intruders see a camera, they're more likely to decide to move elsewhere. In this way, CCTV functions much like a wireless alarm system.

Keep in mind that many non-retail businesses face theft as well. In this case, we're talking about intellectual property theft and company property theft. Placing CCTV cameras in strategic locations can contribute to a safer work environment.

Higher Employee Productivity

Looking for ways to improve your employee efficiency? Well, studies show that most employees tend to work harder when monitored. This type of surveillance also gives your floor manager more time to focus on other aspects of his or her work.

That said, you don't want to overboard with your CCTV placements. For best results, create a security mesh that you can track from a single command center. That way, you'll get solid security coverage without alienating your employees.

Real-Time Surveillance

Having real-time footage available at any time can be of great help to business owners. Not that long ago, most surveillance methods required you to hire another person to keep an eye on the footage. These days, that's no longer necessary.

Thanks to the advancements in technology, you can keep an eye on your footage from anywhere. This includes tablets, mobile phones, or remote computers. You can even view the real-time footage from several cameras in a single window.

Better Decision Making

If a crime gets committed in or around your offices, you'll want physical proof of it. Other than spotting the perpetrator, CCTV footage can serve as evidence in court. Oftentimes, jurors base their decisions solely on the strength of the footage.

Surveillance cameras can also help with internal business disputes. These could occur between employees and managers or the employees themselves. Either way, CCTV footage can provide enough proof to help you reach a fair resolution.

Other Advantages of a CCTV System

As you can see, CCTV surveillance comes with many advantages. Their presence improves the security levels for you, your employees, and your customers.

Before installing a CCTV system, make sure that the federal laws in your state allow it. Privacy violation is a hot topic these days, and any misuse could hurt your brand image or have you end up in court.

Looking to install a modern CCTV system at an affordable cost? We can give you a free estimate! Contact us right here, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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