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Current Fire Protection: How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last?

Published January 14th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Take a hard look at the fire alarm in your house. How long have you had it? If your answer is more than 10 years then it’s probably time to replace it. 

Like many other appliances, fire alarms do have an expiration date. If you keep it past that date then you risk it not working when you and your family need it the most. So how long do smoke detectors last?

We’re about to tell you. Keep reading for a complete guide on how long you can keep a smoke detector along with a few maintenance tips to keep it going through its entire life-span.

1. 9-Volt Battery 

The 9-volt battery smoke detectors are the standard and most common model. These detectors require you to change out your batteries once every year or so. 

After they hit the 8-year mark you should consider replacing it. A 9-volt battery detector can live up to 10 years if you take care of it. 

2. Long-Life Battery 

Long-life battery smoke detectors use lithium batteries to power them. These types of alarms work a little differently than others because you have to go by how long the battery will last. Not how long the unit will. 

This is because you can't change the lithium battery. When your alarm hits the 10-year mark you will have to replace the entire unit.

3. Hardwired 

Hardwired alarms appear to be permanent fixtures in your home but you have to follow the same rules for it as you do other types of alarms. Like with the 9-volt battery models, you will need to change the battery once every year. 

You will have to have the entire system replaced after ten years. When the time comes you can replace the alarm yourself or have an electrician or alarm service company take care of it. 

4. Test Regularly 

If you're unsure if it's time to replace your alarm or not, test it out. No matter the model, every alarm has a button you can press to see if the detector is functioning as it should.

You should perform this procedure once every month to be sure you'll be prepared in the event of a fire. 

5. More Fire Alarm Tips

The best way to make sure you get the full 10 years of use out of your detector is to take care of it. Fire alarms gather tons of dust. You can use a vacuum to get some of this dust out as long as you leave the cover on. 

Also, if your smoke detector starts to make a chirping noise then you need to replace the batteries. Even if it's not at its one year mark yet.

How Long Do Smoke Detectors Last in Your Home?

How long do smoke detectors last? Around ten years if you take proper care of it. If your alarm is over the ten-year limit, you'll need to get it replaced ASAP. 

If you don't then you risk it not being functional during a crucial emergency. Keep yourself and your family safe. 

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