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Here's What Goes on Behind-the-Scenes With Professional Monitoring

Published March 2nd, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp

According to an FBI report, in 2019, there were 6,925,677 property crimes across the US. These are the latest available statistics, and they are unlikely to change much from year to year.

The first crime that comes to mind when people think of property is usually burglary. Yet, there are other serious offenses such as arson, vehicle theft, and vandalism.

 Installing a security system can reduce your risk of becoming a property crime victim. But you need to consider which type of security measures meet your needs.

At a basic level, you could use a self-monitored system. But these don't come with professional support. Working with a professional monitoring company is an effective way to deter criminals. 

A team of staff in a dedicated security firm acting on your behalf can make a huge difference. Read on to find out what a security monitoring company can do for you. 

Professional Monitoring Equipment Installation

Installing a security system can be challenging. It's vital it can cover each area of your property. You need to consider where criminals could access your home and where to place the sensors. 

Intrusion detection devices can alert you to unauthorized access via windows and doors, but you must place them correctly. Fire and flood monitoring devices need to be in the right areas to allow for quick action. 

When placing monitored security system cameras, it can be easy to leave some areas of your home out of range. This error could be crucial in locating and identifying criminals.

Professional 24/7 security monitoring staff are experts in installing devices in the right locations.

Rapid Response Time

When a criminal enters your property, it's crucial to react quickly. A basic home alarm monitoring system can sound an alarm and record video. However, this may not scare the intruder away.

You could lose valuable possessions and never identify the thief. Even if you receive quick notifications on your phone, this may not be effective.

Perhaps you do not have a phone signal, you have turned your device, off, or you're asleep on vacation. In these scenarios, the authorities will be unaware of the events at your home.

However, a professional monitoring system alerts trained employees to the break-in. Expert staff can view the video feed in real-time and contact the police on your behalf. 

Because of the fast response time, there is more chance the authorities can stop the burglary and arrest the culprits. 

In the event of a fire, deliberate or not, professional fire and alarm monitoring staff can help restrict the damage to your home.

Employees working on your behalf can notify the fire department, allowing them to reach your property before the fire spreads. Your insurance company may also give a discount if you have a monitored security system. 

Because burglars are less likely to be successful and fire might not cause as much damage, insurers view you as less of a risk.

Security is the most obvious benefit of working with a monitoring firm. Yet, this cost-saving benefit is another great advantage.

Experience the Benefits of Professional Security Monitoring

A professional monitoring service gives you peace of mind. You know your home has 24/7 coverage, and a team of trained professionals is working on your behalf. 

Even when you are away or asleep, your trained professionals keep your home safe and secure.

For a consultation and free quote, contact our expert sales team at Secure it Securities Corp. 

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