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Smile, Youre on Camera: A Guide to the Best Places to Install Home Security Cameras

Published August 25th, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp

If you’ve ever been to a mall, a gas station, or any retail store, you’ve been on camera. Maybe you didn’t even notice it. 

Businesses count on security cameras to deter crime and mitigate risk. They’re an essential tool to securing a location and ensuring the safety of everyone.

So why aren’t you doing the same for your home? 

After all, there’s no place you should feel safer than at home. But it turns out that the majority of burglaries are residential break-ins. So if you’re not protecting your home, are you really safe?

But in order for them to be effective, you need to where to install home security cameras.

Here are the best places to install home security cameras.

Exterior Locations

Every location will be different, but there are a few different places you might want to consider when it comes to installing security cameras.

Make sure your exterior doors are covered. This doesn’t mean only your back door or side doors, because a bold intruder will even use the front door. If you often get packages delivered to your house, a front door camera can cover this area too.

Garages are weak entry points for would-be burglars, so make sure they are covered. A detached garage (or other detached buildings) should also be covered, to help give you peace of mind.

Security cameras can also monitor your yard. This is great for detecting suspicious people or activities or even monitoring children and pets. 

Interior Locations

Inside your home, you will want cameras to cover any hallways or stairs. That way if an intruder enters via a bathroom, bedroom, or another unmonitored area, they won’t be able to move about the house without being detected.

The same philosophy extends to any common area. Living rooms, kitchens, children’s play rooms-these are all great locations to monitor to make sure that nothing goes missing, and that your babysitter or housekeeper is maintaining your trust.

If that sounds extreme, it’s really not. 65 percent of burglars are already acquainted with their victims before they rob them.

Additional Locations to Consider

There are a few other locations you may want to consider installing cameras. First, any place that has valuables in it that isn’t yet monitored by a security camera is a top priority for installing cameras.

Consider having your basement covered by security cameras too, especially if you store valuables there. If your basement also has an exterior entrance, that’s another reason to have cameras monitoring your basement.

Additionally, if your home has multiple floors, each floor should be monitored. At the very minimum, have cameras installed in upstairs hallways. 

Regardless of where you decide to install home security cameras, it’s important to cover all essential areas. The two most common types of property crime are theft and burglary. Having a security system will prevent you from becoming another statistic.

Ready to Install Home Security Cameras ?

Secure IT Securities can help you determine the best places to install home security cameras, keeping you and your family safe from would-be intruders and unwanted guests. 

Contact us today to find out more about the best locations to install home security cameras to protect your loved ones and valuables.

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