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The 5 Amazing Smart Home Trends to Watch For in 2020

Published April 16th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

The average monthly savings from using smart home products is nearly $100.

Investing in new tech could save you money.

What changes would you make to your home to save money and operate more efficiently?

Keep reading for 5 smart home trends that will continue to grow in 2020:

1. Smart Doorbells

The doorbell has always been an essential part of any home, but smart tech trends have elevated the purpose of the doorbell.

The smart doorbell is quickly becoming the most intelligent part of the home. The capabilities of night vision and voice talk on the doorbells have allowed homeowners to have the perception of always being home.

2. Smart Bedroom

We all strive to have a restful night of sleep. The home automation trend of smart bedrooms spans from the mattress to thermostat, all of which aims to create an environment in which sleep can excel.

More data on how we sleep can help determine what steps we take to achieve the best results. Keeping your bedroom at the optimal sleeping temperature for you is huge, given that it may be different than the climate of the remainder of your home. 

3. Smart Home Security

An important home automation trend that will continue to rise is the smart security of the home. Whether you are in your bedroom and hear a noise downstairs or out of town for the weekend, alerts of any unwanted movement are important.

Along with 24-hour monitoring, we can help you with tailor-made packages that fit best for your security needs and integrate with the other smart systems within your home. If you forgot to lock the door or wonder why the dog is barking, the interactive systems can help you solve those issues away from home.

4. A Voice Assistant

Most smartphones have a voice assistant and now these vocal companions are moving into other areas of your home. 

The goal of a voice assistant is a central hub to control the smart tech in your home without having to push a button. The use of your voice can turn on a light or turn down the heat.

Most are familiar with smart speakers but the trend is growing to include vocal assistants with visual screens on them. It has never been easier to set a reminder, schedule an alarm, or order pizza with a few simple words.

5. The Key to All of the Smart Home Trends: Faster Networks

Better internet means faster results. You likely know of places that have great internet connections and others that do not.

While all of the home technology trends are helpful, they need a fast network to operate properly.

5G has been introduced globally and promises to revolutionize the delivery of smart home tech using a minimal amount of power. This is important in areas that have a high population and people fighting for the bandwidth.

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