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The Benefits of Installing an Access Control System in Your Building

Published February 8th, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp

In 2019, there were roughly 2,109 property crimes per 100,000 people in the United States. Of these crimes, burglary, larceny, and theft were amongst the most common offenses. 

This statistic indicates your increased need for a top-of-the-line access control system. 

So, why do we need access control systems? Outside of personal safety, they provide many benefits for you, your loved ones, and your employees. Below are just a few reasons why you should consider revamping your security system. 

No More Lost Keys 

Whether it was for your home or office, odds are you've misplaced your keys at some point. Access control security systems eliminate this issue.

Also, access control systems are a great way to keep your building accessibility secure. If an employee is fired or quits, you do not have to worry about them still having access to the building. 

Unlike a key, access control systems allow you to discontinue an employee's access from the system. With keys, you may have to make new sets or change the locks if the employee does not return their key upon their departure. 

Control Multiple Properties

Some businesses have multiple buildings that have different levels of security clearance. An access control system allows you to provide access to each building on an individual basis. 

This may also apply to your home with multiple access areas for adults and children. For example, you may not want your children accessing dangerous areas of your home without your supervision. 

Young children are far more at risk for nonfatal injuries within the home than adults. In fact, children who are 1 to 4-years-old endure the highest rates of non-fatal poisoning. 

With our security systems, you can create specific roles and grant access to users for specific areas. In this example, you may decide to equip your garage or laundry room with a code that only allows you to enter. 

Increases Building Safety

In terms of personal security, access control systems keep you much safer than key entry. Lost or misplaced keys can be easily duplicated- making it easy for strangers to enter your building or home. 

Access control systems also help to reduce accidents within your office or home. For example, some workplaces have areas containing chemicals or equipment that only some employees are allowed to use.

A security system would prohibit employees without clearance from entering the room. As a result, all employees can remain safe within their permitted areas of the office. 

Another key benefit of installing an access control system is eliminating the fear of strangers within the workplace or your home. Those without your specific code will not be allowed to enter.

If someone tries to enter without the code, an alarm will sound. These systems act as a deterrent for burglars and unauthorized employees. 

Install Your Access Control System Today

Protect your home or business today by making the switch to an access control system. At Secure IT Securities Corp., we provide several services to help keep you safe.

If you'd like to learn more about our systems, feel free to contact us. You can give us a call at (845) 445-6446 or email us directly through our site.

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