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Top 5 Benefits of Monitored Home Security Systems

Published September 1st, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

A burglary happens about every 25.7 seconds in the U.S. Are you worried about keeping your valuables and home safe? If so, you've probably thought about a home security system.

Wondering if home security systems will help protect you and your family? Keep reading to learn the benefits of a home security system and why you should have one.

1. Protection

This is probably the number one benefit of home security systems. A home safe can help protect some items, but a security system will scare off burglars and notify the local authorities. 

When you have an alarm system, potential home invaders will see outdoor cameras, stickers, and yard signs that will deter them. A study found that 60 percent of burglars were deterred from a home or construction site if they saw signs of a security system.

2. Detect Emergencies

Not only will your home security system detect break-ins to send responders after the alarm is tripped; it can also detect other emergencies. Depending on the system you choose, your system can also monitor for potential fire and carbon monoxide leaks to alert the area fire department.

Some home security companies also offer a monitoring service to assist in the event of a medical emergency. When needed, the professional monitoring company can send appropriate responders to a home.

3. Monitor Your Home Remotely

Another added benefit is convenience. You can monitor your home at all times through your smart home app. 

Imagine being on vacation and knowing that you can check in on your home at any time. You will also get notified any time your alarm has gone off, so you can take a look.

You can also choose smart door locks, so you can make sure you remembered to lock your doors or let family and friends in.

You can also check-in at any time to make sure a package was delivered or look for a car or person you don't recognize. Then you can notify your local police department if something is off.

4. Savings

You can also save money with monitored home security. By connecting to home automation, you can connect your lights and thermostats to your security system app. You can then adjust them to save on energy when the system is armed and you are away.

You can also save money on your homeowners' insurance with a security system. In some cases, you can save up to 20 percent on your premium, which can equal up to $700 in some areas.

5. Peace of Mind 

A monitored security system gives you peace of mind. Whenever you are home or away, you know that someone is there to protect you around the clock. You can focus on the things that matter and know that your home and family are protected 24/7.

Get a Home Security System

As you can see, there are many benefits to a home security system. You should not put off getting a home security system. It gives you protection, peace of mind, and also helps you save money.

Looking for the best home security system? At Secure it Securities, we have options to discuss for your in-home security needs. Contact us today for more home security ideas.

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