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Video Monitoring for Business: Why You Should Invest Today

Published November 12th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Thanks to technological advances, video monitoring systems are more powerful than ever before. 

In addition to deterring thieves, they will save you money, improve customer experience and help you to keep your employees on track. 

Keep reading to discover the benefits of video monitoring systems for business.

Protect Your Business From Theft

One of the main benefits of video monitoring is its ability to deter thieves. After all, your average thief doesn’t want to dodge cameras and risk getting caught, they want to take the easiest opportunity available. 

24/7 video monitoring reduces the risk of your business being targeted by thieves and gives you the peace of mind of knowing your livelihood is protected around the clock. 

Even if you don’t have high-value goods on the premises, you can still take a serious financial hit during a robbery. Damage to entrances, furniture, and windows all stack up even without factoring in lost goods and then there’s the risk of data loss.

If a laptop containing the details of your new product release was stolen, imagine the consequences. The information could be leaked to a competitor and your business could suffer the effects for months afterwards. 

Video Monitoring Saves Money in the Long-term

Many business owners are reluctant to invest their hard-earned profits in a security solution. But what they don’t realize is that an effective video monitoring solution for business will reduce long-term security costs. With features such as real-time recording, a wide-eye view, and remote camera access, you won’t need to invest in permanent security guards and can free up budget to spend elsewhere.

Alongside reducing the risk of theft, your security solution will also reduce the risk of fire and property damage. This results in reduced insurance premiums.

More Than Security: Enhance Customer Experience

CCTV cameras do more than just protect your business. When placed correctly, they can also tell you a lot about your customers’ behavior. 

Are they getting lost when they enter the store? Are they finding the products they need? You’ll know if you’re able to view their exact customer journey and you’ll be able to make adjustments to your store that increase spending. 

Monitor Employee Performance

Whilst it’s generally considered bad practice to monitor employees day in day out, there are occasions when it is appropriate. This is particularly true when it comes to disciplinaries or needing to manage high volumes of temporary staff.

The mere presence of cameras can help employees to remain productive and focused on their work. When they know that they could be caught out on camera they’re less likely to get distracted (or to sneak off to mess around on their phone!).

On the flip side, when employees know that there are cameras in place, it can help them feel safer at work.

Secure Your Business With State of the Art Video Monitoring

At Secure It Securities, our state of the art video monitoring systems will secure your business and protect your livelihood. Contact us to get your free quote. 

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