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What to Look For in a Night Vision CCTV Camera

Published September 30th, 2022 by Secure IT Securities Corp

What to Look For in a Night Vision CCTV Camera

The safety and security of your business is paramount. One of the most highly-recommended methods of protecting your business is to install a night vision CCTV camera system. This will allow you to monitor footage and activity even in the dark of night.

They produce high-quality resolution footage even in low-lit or completely dark environments, which is exactly when would-be thieves are likely to attempt any illegal activity. If you are looking at adding a night vision CCTV camera system, this blog post if for you. Here, we will highlight what you need to look for in a night vision security camera.

Sturdy Design

When planning to purchase a CCTV security camera, it's important to first determine where you are looking to locate it. If you are going to install it outside, then it should be able to brave a variety of weather conditions. It will need to be tough enough to withstand snow, rain, hailstones, and more while at the same time recording quality footage.

This won't be as much of an issue if you are planning to install it in a sheltered area, such as indoors, but it's worth considering in any case.

Choose Color or B&W

Again, this decision will largely depend on where you plan to install the camera. For example, if you are installing it in an area that is well-lit during the night, a color security camera is a great option.

On the other hand, for locations that are dark and have no ambient lighting, a black and white night vision camera is the standard choice. 

Wired or Wireless

Whether you opt for a wired or a wireless network security system will depend on a number of considerations. For more expansive locations, the best option is to choose a wired security camera as it provides a higher overall resolution and image quality.

Wireless is a more budget-friendly option and isn't as complex to set up as the wired system. It can easily be set up in hard-to-reach spots, meaning they are easier to cancel than wired cameras.

Lux Rating

The Lux rating of a security camera refers to the ability of the camera to capture images in various lighting conditions. For a night vision CCTV camera, the best option is to choose a camera with a low Lux rating, as this will allow you to capture clear footage even in pitch-dark conditions.

What to Look For in a Night Vision CCTV Camera

The above information will help you to make an informed decision when planning to purchase a night vision CCTV camera. The benefits for your business include preventing theft of products, central monitoring, ease of use, clear vision even in the dark, and more.

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