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IoT-Unear A30T All-In-One Video Conference Camera

Introducing the IoT-Unear A30T, an all-in-one USB video conferencing device designed for small-to-medium-sized teams.

With its 100° ultra-wide horizontal view and support for full HD video calls, this product ensures clear and immersive communication. The built-in 4-element omnidirectional microphone array and customized, human-voice-optimized wideband speaker facilitate 5-meter full-duplex two-way communication, delivering a stable HD audio and video conference experience. The IoT-Unear A30T seamlessly integrates a camera, microphones, and a speaker into a single device.

Featuring USB plug & play functionality and compatibility with leading online conference platforms, the IoT-Unear A30T is an ideal choice for conference rooms accommodating 1-8 people. It serves as an efficient online collaboration tool for business teams of all sizes.

Price: $299.88

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