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How Often Should Fire Protection Systems Be Inspected and Tested?

Published February 15th, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Every 24 seconds in the US, a fire department responds to a fire. That’s a worrying statistic, right? Fire protection systems are a way to avoid being part of that stat.

Once you’ve had a fire protection system installed at home or work, what next? To avoid fires and stay protected, it’s essential you get your system inspected and tested.

But how regularly do you need your fire and safety solutions inspected? Read on for timeframes.

Fire Protection Systems Defined

Fire protection or alarm systems detect a fire and warn people of it. The system is capable of closing doors and shutting down air systems.

To help people escape a fire at home or work, the system also controls other features such as elevators in an office environment.

These systems are electronic, meaning testing is crucial. Why? To highlight defects that need fixing.

Fire Protection System Inspection

All parts of your fire alarm system should be inspected on a regular basis. That means everything from fuses and LEDs to heat detectors and the control panel. The audible alarm signals of the system, too.

Exact inspection schedules depend on local codes and jurisdictions. Stipulations on your insurance policy may come into play as well.

For example, visual inspections may be required weekly. Or they may be necessary twice a year.

Weekly visual inspections involve taking a look at the control panel, fuses, and LEDs. Monthly or semi-annual visual inspections center on checking the batteries and smoke detectors.

Annual visual inspections provide a full once-over, inspecting all components.

Failure to inspect and test your system can lead to fines at the very least. So once you’ve had a fire protection system installed, be sure to adhere to the minimum inspection requirements.

Fire Protection Systems Testing

Alongside visual inspections, all fire protection systems must be tested. Testing ensures the system is functioning properly.

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) published guidelines for both inspection and testing. As a rule of thumb, they advise testing should occur at least yearly.

Testing fire protection systems is a thorough process that’s carried out by fire safety professionals.

They check all detectors and signals are working properly and communicating as they should. The inspectors also test the backup battery and alarm notification appliances.

Fire Protection System Maintenance

The purpose of inspecting and testing is to ensure your system operates in accordance with the design documents.

But as well as inspecting and testing, you should also make sure your device is well-maintained for preventative measures.

Maintenance regularity depends on the type of system and the environmental conditions.

Say Yes to Fire Protection Systems

Whether you’re at home or work, it’s essential you feel protected against fire. Fire protection systems are the first step.

Next? Regular inspections, frequent testing, and prudent maintenance of your fire alarm system.

Inspections may be required weekly, semi-annually, or yearly. And rigorous testing should take place at least once a year. Remember: there are NFPA guidelines for additional info.

Contact us today about getting your fire protection system inspected and tested.

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