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How to Properly Maintain Battery Operated Smoke Detectors in Your Home

Published March 26th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Not many people think about their smoke detectors when moving into a new home or office. They're more concerned with the layout of the building or the kind of floors it has than with the things designed to save their lives. Yet, smoke detectors are important parts of any home.

The most common kind of smoke alarm is battery operated smoke detectors. These don't rely on the building to draw power, so they can work in almost any scenario. If you're facing a fire, you can be sure that they will alert you about it so you can evacuate the building and stay safe.

Part of the reason why they're so effective is that they make sure people know they're there. When the battery gets low, the alarm starts to send soft shrieks throughout the building, alerting everyone in it. It's a special tone that says not to be concerned, because the battery just needs to be changed.

They're simple and convenient devices that will be there when you need them most, to help save your life. And to learn how to take care of them, keep reading below!

Battery Operated Smoke Detectors Are the Simplest Kind

The best thing about battery operated smoke detectors is that they are simple to use. All you need to do is screw their mount into place, connect it to the rest of your fire prevention system, and make sure it has a new battery. There are usually even instructions on the box to walk you through it!

Then, you can just forget they're there. Once you install your smoke alarm, it will notify you whenever it needs attention, or if you need to leave the building!

You Probably Already Have Battery Operated Alarms Installed

There is some more good news about battery operated smoke detectors: you probably already have them. They're common in most office buildings and homes since they're what most builders use. They protect people, they're cheap, and they're easy to install.

Those three things make them the perfect choice for contractors, and for the people who live and work in their buildings.

Change out the Battery Routinely

The most important thing to remember about your battery operated smoke detector is that the battery doesn't last forever. Just like anything, it will run out of energy at some point. Yet, unlike your phone or any other kind of electronic, you can't simply watch a gauge to tell when.

Instead, the alarm will chime when it needs its battery to be replaced. Even if never chimes and notifies you that the battery is low, you should still replace your smoke detectors' batteries once a year. That way, you can be sure you're protected from fires, carbon monoxide, and other threats! 

The Right Smoke Alarm Could Save Your Life

Choosing the right smoke alarm is an important decision — one that could save your life. You don't need to invest in state of the art security and detection technology for your home. You just need one that works, and that's exactly what battery operated smoke detectors do.

They do their job when you need them to. As long as you take care of them and change their batteries, they will work to protect you. They're one way you can make your home and your office safer.

And for other ways to make your buildings safer, just reach out to us. We'll make sure your secure and safe, wherever you go!

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