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The Pros and Cons of CCTV Systems

Published January 11th, 2022 by Secure IT Securities Corp

The Pros and Cons of CCTV Systems

Did you know burglaries that take place on residential properties make up 67.2% of all burglary offenses in the United States? 

Property offenses can occur at any time, and with that being said it is important to have home and business safety set up.

CCTV systems are a great option for security whether for your home or business. If you are unsure of whether or not you should have a CCTV system installation done, read on to learn about the pros and cons of these systems.

Pros of CCTV Systems

The main goal of these systems is to help you keep your property safe by monitoring any possible unwanted and dangerous activity. Having these systems come with multiple benefits.

24/7 Security Monitoring

Property offenses such as burglaries can occur at any point in time. Whether the offense occurs during the day or middle of the night, having security at all times is essential to have proof of the crime.

CCTV systems monitor designated areas of properties 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Whether or not you are there when a crime takes place, these systems capture everything that happens, which can then be used as proof against the perpetrator.

Property Offenses Less Likely to Occur

CCTV systems can prevent property crimes from occurring. This is because of their presence.

In a study done by City University of New York, they discovered that the presence of CCTV systems reduced crime by 16%. This proves that these systems can improve business safety.

These systems being visible to possible perpetrators can scare them off from committing the crime they originally had planned to act out.

Offers Sense of Safety

Especially those looking for home safety, they want to be able to feel safe in their own home, as well as not have to worry about their home while away.

These systems offer home protection regardless of if you are away on vacation or at home with your family. These systems can drive robbers away just by their presence. 

This will give you and your loved ones the sense of safety you are looking for.

Cons of CCTV Systems

While owning CCTV systems comes with many benefits, there are downsides to them. Here are a couple of cons to consider.

Additional Costs

Having a CCTV system installed and running comes with additional costs.

While these costs can be a downside, having the safety and protection for your property usually outweighs the con of costs.

Invasion of Privacy

There have been situations where people experience their CCTV systems experience hackers. These hackers spy or breach people's privacy.

While this is a possibility, it is not something that happens a lot. Your installation company and customer service are dedicated to helping you prevent this from happening and are there to help you with any issues.

Invest in a CCTV System Today

Now that you have an idea of the pros and cons that come with these systems, you may be wondering what the best CCTV system is and whom you should have install this system.

Secure it Securities Corp. is a company that designs, installs, tests, and inspects CCTV systems. 24/7 emergency service is offered and customer service is dedicated to helping you with any issues or concerns you may have.

Contact us today if interested in a CCTV system installation or if you have any questions.

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