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How A Commercial Security System Can Lower Insurance Costs

Published March 9th, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp.

When many people think of crime, they picture a burglar breaking into a home at night. They don’t realize that commercial properties are also favorite targets.

If you’re a business or property owner, it pays to have a commercial security system installed. You may think it’s too expensive, but not having one can cost you even more. It can even translate to higher commercial insurance premiums.

We explore alarm systems and whether they work to lower your business insurance costs. 

Do You Need a Commercial Security System?

The short answer to that question is - yes.

Running a small business comes with a lot of expenses, from paying employees and taxes to business equipment and various types of commercial insurance. You might think that security is an area where you can cut corners to save money.

You’d be wrong.

According to the Small Business Administration, even one incidence of vandalism averages $3,370. By some estimates, burglary and theft account for almost 20 percent of all commercial insurance claims. 

While your commercial policy will pay to repair or replace damaged/lost/stolen property, equipment, or inventory, it can come with an unexpected cost. If you file a claim, your insurance premiums may go up. If your business is located in a high crime area, you’re likely to have significant rate hikes. 

Will a Security System Lower Insurance Costs?

Here’s another short answer - yes.

Installing a quality CCTV system can allow you to spend less money on insurance. Why? Many insurance companies offer discounts of anywhere from five to 20 percent if you have an integrated alarm system with security cameras.

Insurance companies set their rates based on their level of risk. In other words, what is the risk the insurance company will have to pay if your business is the target? If you have an alarm and surveillance system, the risk of a crime is lower for you and for them.

Features You Want in a Commercial Security System

An effective business security system includes a number of important elements:

  • A customized plan that protects vulnerable areas of your business
  • Automatic notification to your smartphone/mobile device if the alarm goes off
  • Motion-activated security cameras
  • Real-time streaming video
  • Window breakage detection
  • Remote access control - Ability to remotely lock doors, etc.
  • Monitoring of common/public areas, such as break rooms, locker rooms, retail sales floor, supply room & offices
  • 24/7 security monitoring services

By the way, security cameras can also detect possible theft/illegal actions by employees or hired vendors, such as cleaning or maintenance crews.

Protect Your Business and Lower Insurance Costs

A commercial security system is essential in order to protect your business from theft or vandalism. A quality system can also mean a discount from your insurance company, which means lower commercial insurance premiums. This will save your peace of mind and translate to a better bottom line for your business.

Contact us to inquire about adding a business security system or with questions.

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