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What Is CCTV? Everything You Need to Know

Published November 5th, 2020 by Secure IT Securities Corp

In this dangerous world, do you have adequate protection for your home and business?

With the rise in technology, new and inventive ways to protect your home have appeared on the market, but none have been as effective as CCTV. In the past ten years, it has risen to be one of the most popular security features, and you need it to protect your property. 

Don't miss out on the safety features that these affordable cameras can offer. Below, we answer the question, "What is CCTV?" and explain what it can do for you. 

What Is CCTV?

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. This is a system in which video and audio are connected on a closed circuit to prevent them from being shared over public airwaves. Instead, they are often used to record video and survey areas for purposes of security. 


The CCTV camera system was originally only able to show live footage. It was first developed in Germany to observe the launch of V2 rockets during wartime. When it was developed to record footage as well as observe, it became the ultimate security tool.

Dated models were only able to show grainy black and white images with low resolution. Now, they come in color and can zoom in as well as rotate. They even come with audio capabilities, so the observer can actually talk to the people they are watching. 

What Is It Used For?

CCTV serves a variety of purposes. It can scan perimeters and fences at secure locations, including surveillance for building and construction yards. It can be used for traffic monitoring and calming methods.

You can also use it to view people. These may be inmates in a jail, or people in a hospital, for their own safety. Finally, it can be used to prevent crime and theft, such as in shops or places like casinos, banks, and airports. 

CCTV in Homes

Many people are turning to CCTV as a method of home security. Although they do not physically prevent a crime, cameras are a deterrent for those who may consider actions against your home as they have a higher chance of being caught. They also allow you to check anyone visiting your home or witness suspicious activity before it escalates. 

Many people are also installing cameras in their children's bedrooms. This has become known as the nanny cam. It allows parents to check the activities or their childminder to ensure they are providing a safe, adequate service. 

Types of CCTV

The range of CCTV cameras is quite vast. Simple systems are basic and connect the cameras by a coaxial cable. They gain power from the main monitor. 

Mains powered CCTV systems work in a similar way. The only difference is that power comes from the mains. A system like this allows you to add more cameras, so you can build a bigger closed circuit. 

More modern cameras are IP cameras, and they use online connections to store footage on a web browser. They generally have higher capabilities and better images than analog cameras. 

Get Secure

Now you can answer the question, "What is CCTV?" and you just need to decide if it is for your home or business.

Secure IT Securities have a range of CCTV and security equipment on offer. Contact us today for a quote and the best advice when protecting your property. 

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