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Your Guide to the Different Types of Surveillance Cameras SEO

Published April 9th, 2021 by Secure IT Securities Corp

Safety is a big concern these days, especially when you've left your house for an extended period of time. Most of us consider whether we should look into the various types of surveillance cameras to keep our homes secure.

The cost of cameras has dropped and the number of crimes in most areas has increased. The best solution won't take much research.

Whether you want to secure your home or workplace, there are many different types of surveillance cameras right for the job. Learn more here.

Types of Surveillance Cameras

Video surveillance cameras function in one of two ways. They record an analog signal or a digital signal (using internet protocol). Cameras are also wired or wireless. And, the cameras come in indoor and outdoor models.

Regardless of the type of camera that is ideal for your circumstances, the best surveillance cameras can lower your insurance. The recorded footage can also help investigators find the person who stole a delivered package from your front door.

Indoor Cameras

Indoor cameras include wired and wireless. Wired cameras connect to a central recorder via Wi-Fi or an ethernet cable. Wireless cameras are many times connected to the cloud.

If you want to know where to install CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras, lookup, as most are mounted on ceilings. Keep in mind that they still need to be near a power source.

Outdoor Cameras

Wired outdoor cameras come in various shapes based on their field of view that can be from 130° - 360°. They mount on walls or ceilings and typically need professional installation. Most outdoor cameras sit within a weather-resistant casing.

Some wireless cameras require a battery or a solar panel. Others include a floodlight and siren. When used with a motion detector, the light and the camera turn on when a person enters its field of view.

Video Doorbell Cameras

The most popular camera replaces your doorbell. When the doorbell is pushed, the camera starts recording. Many are also set up with a motion detector.

The unique feature of the doorbell camera is its line of communication. Many people have a signal sent to their smartphones, which allows them to talk to the person at the door. Most are hardwired into the existing doorbell wires.

There are also many benefits from doorbell cameras including the catching of thieves stealing packages. Police investigators have found doorbell camera footage an easy tool that leads to convictions.

The Best Surveillance Camera for You

Now that you understand a bit about the different types of surveillance cameras. How to choose a security camera comes down to your needs and the location where the cameras will be installed. Ideally, you'll want to talk with a trusted professional to learn about your best solution. 

Contact us to learn more about what types of cameras will fit your circumstances. We'll be happy to provide you a free quote for installing and maintaining your security system. Also, check out our article on what goes on behind the scenes of monitoring.

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